Code of Conduct

Ever since its founding in 1902, the TITAN Company has been guided by its belief that a business can combine competitiveness and efficiency with ethical principles and sensitivity to community needs.

As TITAN’s international activities have expanded, so has the need for disseminating to these new areas the principles and values which have guided the Company throughout its history. Our commitment to these principles and values is confirmed on a daily basis by the conduct of all members of the TITAN Group; This is of vital importance for building the Company’s future.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and support for the cause of sustainable development are integral constituents of our strategic objective; they are a natural and logical continuation of our past and existing practices. The Group Management wishes to ensure that core values are fully understood by all employees, permanent associates and suppliers, so that all operating units adhere to them across the whole Group.

This is why we have prepared this document: ‘TITAN Group – Corporate Values and Code of Conduct’
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