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Cement is a raw material used in the production of concrete and other building materials for various applications. Cement, as a powdery binding material belongs to the group of inorganic hydraulic binding agents.

The hydraulic binding agents harden in the presence of water by producing crystallized products, which are insoluble in water. Due to this reason, the hydraulic binding agents can harden under water, i.e. to be without influence when they are subject to constant water effect.

Cement is one of the most significant and most widely utilized materials in civil engineering. Upon hardening, it has a significant adhesion power with minerals and other aggregates, steel, bricks which allows its broad application in designing constructions of mass (plain) concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete, wall constructions made of bricks and natural stone, as well as in design of internal and external mortar lining, etc.

Our customers most commonly used types and varieties of cement include our gray Portland and our MC 5 "Usjemal".

Our gray Portland cement is a high quality, cost effective building material. It meets all applicable chemical and physical requirements and is used in all forms of construction, from homes, schools, hospitals to tunnels and airports. The right cement for each need.

Our grey Portland cement is variety of cement made by grinding clinker, gypsum and natural pozzolana (a raw material of volcanic rocks) and fly ash.

Customers use these types of cement for all kinds of construction; however, its optimal use in for construction projects that are in constant contact with water or are built in humid ground.


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