Our People

People are central to everything we do. It is through their efforts and their talents that Cementarnica USJE AD, has been successful for over 50 years.

Respect for our workforce’s rights and an emphasis on employee development are essential for Cementarnica USJE AD to attain its objectives. We encourage local hiring at all levels, and we focus on attracting, developing and retaining the best people to support our business strategies and ensure continuous success. USJE offers equal possibility to all people regardless their gender. For a heavy industry, USJE employs a lot of female employees (over 12%), and over 24% of the Company’s management are women.

Cementarnica USJE adopted a Rulebook for internal protected reporting.

In order to assess our employee’s views on various topics, we regularly conduct different surveys among them and we have “direct communications lines”, especially for issues such as Health & Safety, protection of environment, bribery and corruption, human rights and equal opportunities. 

Career development and succession planning, developing multi–disciplinary skills and competencies at different hierarchical levels, performance appraisal and training, as well as transferring know-how and experience to indirect personnel are common objectives throughout the Company.

As guaranteed by the national law, employee’s representatives have the right to meet the line management at any time through which all issues of major importance, whenever necessary are reported directly to the Chief Executive Director and accordingly to the Board of Directors.

We consider our employees as the most important ambassadors of our values, endeavors and principles and we expect our approach to increase employee participation and uphold corporate values.