Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a Titan Value and is embedded in our Governing Objective. It is a step further than legal or regulatory compliance, a conscious and free pledge to improve the world around us.
Our CSR commitment is clearly stated in our CSR Policy & Vision (hyperlink to CSR Policy & Vision) which is followed by the top management and all our employees.

Thus our CSR Vision is:

“To pursue at all times our business goals and create value, in an ethical and socially responsible manner, doing less harm, and endeavoring to do more good”.

To achieve our Vision our business practices are guided and based on our Titan Values and our Code of Conduct (hyperlink to the CoC).

Listening and responding to the concerns of our employees, local communities, customers, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders has been a driving force in our efforts at meeting effectively Corporate Social Responsibility challenges.

Link to the CSR & Sustainability Reports

Stakeholder Engagement

Our CSR Strategy derives from the through understanding of the social and environmental impacts of the cement industry as well as the continuous dialogue and engagement with our stakeholders. We do not undertake CSR only to mitigate risks but rather to achieve sustainable development and create shared value for our business and the society.


The TITAN Group is contributing to the cause of sustainable development through three key priorities: the use of environmentally friendly technologies, the restoration of the landscape at sites where our activities have been completed, and the cultivation of environmentally responsible attitudes and behavior.

Best Practices

Sustainable Development is a top TITAN priority at all times and in all circumstances. We are committed to sustainable growth, integrating human, environmental and social elements into our business decisions. We aim to continuously improve our environmental and social performance, measuring our impacts and contributions, and assessing our environmental and social footprint.


Care for the well being of our employees has always been a main priority of the TITAN Group’s strategy and directs our social policy.Our Health & Safety Policy and Vision is to achieve a healthy working environment free of incidents, injuries and accidents.

USJE & Global Compact Initiative

In 2008, USJE joined the UN Global Compact Initiative in R. of North Macedonia, followed by a number of CSR initiatives, including the CSR workshop organized in USJE in 2009, the first ever Stakeholders Engagement Forum and its first ever Corporate Social Responsibility Report in 2010.


Taking in account that people are central to everything we do being the most valuable asset to achieve business objectives and sustainable growth, we take care...