The environment is not ours to deal with as we wish; we hold it in trust for future generations and have an obligation to ensure that it remains intact and fit for human life.

TITAN policy on the environment focus on the ongoing improvement of environmental management, to minimize the impact of business activity on the natural world, and on developing initiatives to enhance the natural environment and quality of life in the areas where our facilities are located.

The TITAN Group is contributing to the cause of sustainable development through three key priorities: the use of environmentally friendly technologies, the restoration of the landscape at sites where our activities have been completed, and the cultivation of environmentally responsible attitudes and behavior.

Cementarnica USJE AD environmental priorities are based on those of Titan Group, our parent company.

On June 2007 a complete documentation with the Application for obtaining Adjustment Permit (Integrated Environmental Permit) was submitted to the MoEPP in compliance with the Law on Environment.